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About Us

As a professional SEO company with a team of dedicated experts on search engine optimization, Oakville SEO will commit our time, resources, and efforts into ensuring that you rank on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Founded by Robert Walter, Oakville SEO is the culmination of his years of experience perfecting and honing his SEO skills and experience focused largely on the leading search engine, Google.

Starting in 2001, Robert worked with Commission Junction, beginning as an affiliate marketing using small inexpensive PPC advertising before Google, Bing, and Yahoo took over the market. By 2008, he had learned and developed his SEO skills, ranking many websites on the first page SERP results over the years.

With an extensive background in SEO, he’s grown to be an experienced and skilled SEO expert that can offer substantial results. Now that these skills have been developed, Robert is focused on using his skills to help the Oakville and the wider Southern Ontario community.

We love to help small businesses achieve big success. That’s why we work for our local community to help build businesses online so that they can reach the potential target market that they deserve. On top of allowing you to reach a wide audience, our team strives to make sure that you gain substantial leads that will actually lead to conversions and help you gain success.


Our Services

In order to get you the best results, our SEO experts specialize in social media services and video marketing in order to provide a comprehensive service. With SEO at the centre of all of our services, you know that you’ll be able to rank online and help drive traffic. The rest of the services we provide offer you advantages for providing beneficial content, communication, and engagement that gives you complete success. In order to provide a full range of services, we offer SEO services, social media services, and video marketing.


SEO Services

Search engine optimization is at the core of all of our initiatives. With an experienced and proven leader, our team has a deep understanding of SEO, including the best practices for your various digital marketing channels. We will work diligently to help conceptualize, create, and maintain your digital platforms with SEO in mind.

With our backing, you’re sure to rank high in the SERPs so that you can be found easily by potential clients.


Social Media Services

We know that driving in traffic is only half the job; once they’re coming to your platforms, you need to create value and engagement that makes them want to stay. One of the best ways of doing this is by using your social media channels to offer substantial content and offer a direct line of communication with your existing clients.

Whether you want advice, consultation, or full-on management services, we can help you build your social media presence and ensure that it works to bolster your overall marketing strategy.


Video Marketing

Video is one of the most effective way of conveying information. In a brief video, you can give customers compact and beneficial information in an engaging format. With the prevalence of video on the web through various types of channels, not targeting video marketing means you’re most likely missing out on potential engagement and advantageous content.

Our team will help integrate the use of video into your overall marketing campaign, helping you gain success for your small business in Oakville and the area.


You Can Rely on Oakville SEO

With a heavy focus on and expertise in SEO, our services offer substantial benefits and will help get you ranked on search engines. Whether you need global or local SEO services, we will help target the necessary avenues in order to properly draw in traffic that will be interested in your niche market, giving you lead generation that matters!