How to Avoid The Google Slap 2018 Part 2

Anchor text is heavily integrated in to Google’s search algorithm. It is also accordingly scrutinized. There have been important updates in Google , Recently an updated version of Google Penguin has been rolled out. One of the most important things it ijudges, anchor text spam. Learn how to avoid getting a penalty from Google by learning the factors that Google are looking at when it comes to Anchor text.

In recent months Google has slowed everything down. Indexing has been taking longer. Backlinks have been taking longer to increase rankings. Results seem to take more time I thought. This has been confirmed recently by many of the top Seo teachers and bloggers.  Things have changed at Google, in regards to anchor text. Here is the what?, Why? And how to not only move forward, but to capitalize and improve on the new Google updates.

Check this video – The Content really starts at the 2:00 minute mark.

The Old Way of Doing anchor Text & Why It Worked

Up until the recent Google Penguin update. The idea with anchor text, was to dance around your main keyword. Don’t aim for your exact keyword too much. Be liberal with adding in your brand as an anchor, your URL is good to add as an anchor then and now.  These strategies were used before and are still good now.

What Google was doing until recently was look at the overall picture of the anchor text on a web page and base the relevancy off of that.

Google didn’t really look at the individual anchor text. They based everything on an overall “snap shot” from the anchor text, of a web page. There is more to how Google assesses content  on a web page than this. When it comes to judging anchor text, which is a vital factor for Google in the process of ranking web pages.

Google mainly pulled anchor text and content together to decide what was the most relevant information to rank websites for.

Webmasters danced around the main keyword a lot because the Penguin penalty was very strict and nobody wanted to over optimize their anchor text with their exact match ratios.

Today you might notice, using this strategy some of your rankings are starting to droop a bit. We are not targeting our main keywords very hard. Isn’t this what Google wanted?

How do we improve our rankings now? Increasing the use of the exact match keyword is working again. Not to the point of the pre Penguin days where you could hammer backlinks with the keywords you wanted.

You will be rewarded for increasing your exact match keyword anchor text. Like in the video, Becker uses the exact match combination one third of the time and get’s good results for a very competitive ranking. Check video at 5:15

The other anchor text that is used is very general or it is the URL. So increasing exact match anchor text, while also increasing our general industry anchors and urls is bringing improvements.

Now think about what I said earlier. Increase your exact match keywords a bit, Use a little more general keyword and URL anchors.

Now check out the next part of this video, this time with Greg Morrison. Explaining the update further. Go to 9:30.

Greg goes on to explain how he “danced around” the keyword anchor text and is shole strategy for backlink anchors from about 10 minutes to 13 minutes. At the 13minute mark he gets into the reason why Google is sticking people who were using anchor text this way on the second page. Another Google “shit test.”

What is Google Looking at Differently Now?

Pay close attention as Greg explains the anchor text he optimized in the middle of 2015.  At 14:20 we start getting examples of the anchor text that’s working now.

Greg calls it “string your anchor text together.” We now have seo string theory! J

We can see that the URL links, and general industry anchors mixed in are a big help. The other anchors blend in states, state abbreviations, general industry terms mixed in with other general terms you will want to rank for like, top, service, company. Branded URLS are still useful also. As the video goes forward there are some great explanations as to what the changes are and how to rank now.

Watch Out For Over Optimizing

Watch the video. Seriously, take notes, bookmark it. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Greg Morrison is an expert in the top level of the field. Over optimizing is still a risk now. Google judges it a little differently then they used to.

Keep this in mind. Also if you haven’t seen my previous post How To Avoid The Google Slap in 2016 part 1.

Read it now.  Bookmark both part one and this part. Watch the video and keep this anchor text strategy in mind in the future.

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