How to Avoid the Google Slap in 2018

Avoiding Google Slap Part I

Google is having an ongoing roll out of its updated Penguin algorithm. It has been on a “soft crusade” penalizing websites and “improving” their results for the searcher.
It helps when getting into seo and ranking your website to understand that Google’s main focus is to deliver the best search results for the public. This is priority number 1. They are constantly working at improving and as a result they have been the biggest giant in the game for a long time now.

“Abandoned” Web Properties & Backlinks are Getting Hit! Plan & Execute Strategic Action

The recent algorithm updates that Penguin is tackling right now is devaluing “abandoned” web properties.
What is an abandoned web property? You might be thinking. An abandoned web property is a property that is created without an owner or a purpose. There is only one purpose and that is to pass link juice to a website or they are used as “buffer sites” in a link wheel on 2nd 3rd tier and beyond.

Have you ever created Web 2.0 blogs with spun articles or otherwise thin content and then had a link wheel created with profile links and spam blog comments going to the second tier? If you are like the majority of webmasters, then you have used this link building strategy.

Take a New Course of Action When Building Backlinks

Remember the old internet marketing saying, “content is king”? This is true. What you want to do here is build web properties that YOU OWN.

How? Build Web 2.0 properties with good and helpful content. Link some of your content to helpful YouTube videos & other authority sites such as Wikipedia. Any dominating website in your niche will be a good resource to link to. Build backlinks to your own websites and offers as well. Write helpful blog posts on your websites blog. Link to these posts from your Web 2.0 blogs.

Don’t turn your Web 2.0 into a personal link farm by writing thin content and linking to yourself like crazy. Write good content link 70% of the time too other people and link back to your websites, blog posts and offers 30% of the time.

Fill out your profiles on these Web 2.0. Make it clear that it is owned by you or your company. Make them helpful and promote them with social media.

The Safest Link Wheel for 2016 – Put on Your White Hat

I recommend. Building your social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, & Tumblr. Build your following and send links from your social media properties to your content rich Web 2.0. This will drive people and links to these properties.
*** In future posts I will show you how to build your social media following at the above properties ***

What Blog Platforms Should I Build My Web 2.0 Properties On?

There are many to choose from. Some good ones for the sake of having good metrics. High DA (Moz Domain Authority) (this helps with seo). WordPress, Blogger,, Rebel Mouse,,
These are some good ones. There are many more. Check the DA of the homepage for these websites. The above have a good DA. If you are not sure what I am talking about here. You need to get familiar with this, if you want to peruse internet marketing. Here is a great article explaining the importance of these tools and how to understand them.

Is There an Easier Way?

Yes, there is a way to automate all of this. This will help save you a ton of time and speed up your marketing effort. It is still “white hat”. Will help you build better and better results over time. For those of you that haven’t heard of IFTTT learn about this tool. It stands for If This Then That. For example, If I create a post on my websites blog, I want to share it on all or some of my Web 2.0. I can create a “recipe” using IFTTT. It can also automate your social media posts as well. You can create an endless combination of “recipes” with this awesome automation tool.
This tool can be used for much more than internet marketing. Help you even track a lost cell phone. Wait a second, how much does an ingenious tool such as this cost. Great news! This tool is free. Check out
Here is a great tutorial I found on YouTube for how to use IFTTT

Let’s Recap – This Strategy in a Nutshell

1. Change your plan. Stop building “abandoned” Web 2.0 properties. Take ownership of your Web 2.0.

2. Post useful content. Content that helps, provides tips, new ways of thinking, future proofing etc. Post on your website’s blog and use IFTTT to auto post to your web 2.0 at times.

3. Provide links to authority sites on your posts the majority of the time. Sometimes provide links to your blog posts websites and offers.

4. Use social media to drive traffic and “white hat” backlinks to your Web 2.0, Website, your blog, your other social media properties, your web offers etc. This will send real people to your properties as well as backlinks from the top social media properties and Web 2.0.

5. Use IFTTT ‘Recipes’ to help automate all of your strategies. Put it on “auto pilot” as much as possible. This tool is awesome. If you don’t use it now, it’s time to start.

This Is Step Number 1 To Avoid the Google Slap in 2016

Follow the above advice and this will help you to “future proof” your rankings and overall marketing strategy.

This strategy is not a “stand alone” plan. It is a big piece of the puzzle. There are other things to look at. Your other backlinking strategies and other Google ranking factors cannot be covered in one article. Stay tuned for more great tips as I uncover the answers very soon.

Thanks for listening,

Rob Walter

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