How to Explode Your Twitter Followers in 5 Easy Steps

Explode Twitter Followers

This is a great way to naturally build up your Twitter followers. Best part is. It works. It helps with seo. It will get free targeted traffic, leads & if used properly can bring in sales.  But, as you know I am not one to load my blogs with fluff, so let’s get down to business. Here the five steps.

Step One: Search Twitter For Authorities In Your Niche & Influencers

This is really easy to do. Write out a list of 5 to 10 authorities in your industry. Find them on Twitter. Click on the link in their profile that brings you to their followers.

Step Two – Follow the authorities in your niche’ followers

Those followers are already really interested in your topic = targeted followers. Twitter has a daily following limit of 1000 technically.

Step Three – Follow 200 to 300 of their followers

They are known to freeze people from following at 200 to 300 followers though. These targeted followers will start following you back. Some of them will. Give them a reason too by having Tweeted and re-tweeted good content. These targeted followers = targeted traffic to your webpages and offers. The more followers you get the closer you can start working towards the 1000 per day following limit. As you increase the amount of people you follow your followers will increase.

Step Four – Engage in The Community

Retweet some of your follower’s posts.  Like their Tweets. Message them. Thank them or return the favor if they share or like your Tweets. Become involved this will help build you up & increases followers over time.

Step Five – Rinse & Repeat Daily as Needed

As you start off following 200 – 300 per day. Building your posts and your involvement. Eventually you can move those follows higher. I have a fairly large Twitter list. I aim for about 600 per day and stay far beneath the 1000 per day limit.

Put these simple and free steps into action and grow your Twitter list and internet marketing presence while this works and is still free. Bookmark this page as a resource to come back to when needed. Check out my infographic below for a quick reference as well.

Thanks for listening,
Rob Walter
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