How to Get Targeted Facebook Traffic Free

Target Facebook Traffic

A couple of months back I came across this great technique using Facebook Groups to drive targeted, free social media traffic to my website and offers. My results have been really good. I thought I would share this technique here with you guys.

This method will help you:

  1. Get targeted traffic
  2. Get exposure to new markets
  3. Build social signals to your web pages
  4. Give you an seo boost due to the traffic & the social signals

If you already have strong offers and good content on your website, this method can also:

  1. Get you sales
  2. Get you repeat business
  3. Increase your leads
  4. Have an even larger Seo Impact
  5. Boost Your ROI

I don’t want to sound like your strict old school teacher but, pay attention. I will cut to the chase and take you through the basic steps. When your finished reading this you will understand how to do this right. You will also learn how to do this wrong. Obviously, you will choose the former. J

There is a learning curve. As I started perusing this strategy I made some m mistakes. I am sad to admit. As I am writing this today, I am a Facebook convict. By that I mean, I am in what’s called FB jail, I am currently waiting for release on March. 2, it is February 25th now.I have used my time wisely and built content, blog posts, twitter followers, Pinterest and Tumblr followers, backlinks and seo to my web properties. These will be explained in future posts and much more.

Here are the Steps to Getting Facebook Traffic the Right Way

Go on Facebook and join groups targeted to your niche, related groups, and free advertising groups. Try to find either:

Large groups you can advertise on easily that will send good traffic.

Or FB groups tightly related to your niche. Some of these might be small but if you can see that they interact and not just advertise this is also good.

Join 40 to 50 Groups over time you can build these up.  Search Facebook. Go to the top under the Groups link hit that and it will show you lists of groups. Send requests to join.

For The Free Advertising groups and groups that aren’t called free advertising but groups in your market that you see consistently being advertised to many times per hour with very little engagement. You can advertise to these daily. Get a list of these. They will really help you.

For groups that have less followers but more engagement. Don’t overlook these but be careful about advertising. Some of these groups don’t allow it at all. For these groups it’s better to engage, ask questions and answer questions build connections and sometimes these will send more traffic usually a better quality traffic that can lead into long term sales.

Warning – Don’t post ads to any groups that don’t allow it they can report or ban you. Just check the group out before posting and make sure.

Instead of Advertising Write Helpful Posts

Write helpful posts on your blog and post them to your Facebook Groups. This brings much more traffic and many more people will reach out to you if you do it. What would you rather click, an ad or something that will help solve a problem? Tutorials and helpful posts get better results.  Mix in your ads also. Share and engage in the community. Your groups are a community that consist of people. Treat them as such. You will be rewarded.

Let’s Save Lots of Time & Do This Efficiently

You have only 2 resources in life. Time and money.  This is a free method we saved on one. Now let’s minimize the time to a fraction of what this would normally take. How you might wonder?

First we are going to save your groups to your bookmarks menu. Open your browser and create folders in your bookmarks menu.

Organize these folders into the groups you can advertise to daily and the ones you can’t. Treat both groups accordingly while you are posting.

When you are about to post open up the ”Book Marks Manager” It’s called in Chrome and I am sure all browsers have something similar. If not, use Chrome.

Open the Book Marks Manager Open the folder you wish to promote and all of the folder will open in separate tabs on your browser. Now make sure you have your message ready in the text editor or word processor and paste into tab 1 of your Facebook Groups. Post the message and close the tab. Go to tab 2 and repeat. Do this with all tabs.

Don’t save more than 10 tabs per folder. Take a break for an hour or two and do this again with the next folder. Always take a break of at least a half hour to an hour in between folders. Remember no more than 10 FB groups saved to each folder.

Don’t post to more than 50 groups per day. Otherwise you risk going to Facebook Jail. You will not be able to post in groups for a week two or longer. Worst case scenario you will get banned. That is reserved most of the time for repeat offenders.

For those of you who like video, my good friend Freddy Gandarilla did a great job explaining this process by video. Bookmark this page anytime you need the detail in writing and a link to the video. For fast visual reference I have added an infographic at the bottom of the page.

Another way to do this fast without saving these into groups, not as the method above but faster than how most people post to groups. On Facebook go to your groups list. Right click on a group you want to post on and choose “open in a new tab.” Go to next group and do the same thing. Open up to 10 of these groups. Have Notepad or Word or any other word processor or text editor ready. Paste message into first group. Post the message. Close the tab. Go to next tab and repeat until all 10 are completed. Break for an hour, do another 10.

Eventually if your content is good you will get traffic sales, leads, repeat customers. More exposure. You will start getting friends request from people. So on and so forth.

The Wrong Way of Doing This

Posting to too many groups too fast. FB can jail you for that. Only 10 groups at a time. Wait an hour. No more than 50 posts per day.

Posting to Groups that don’t allow posting ads. They can report you so take a look at them first and make sure. Some groups don’t allow advertising. Some groups will only let you post one product or article once. Be careful.

It’s usually pretty easy to spot the groups that let you post multiple times daily. They are getting hit with a lot of ads. These are the safest ones to post to and if your helpful with great content you can gain from these groups. Advertise sometimes and post good content sometimes.

Having poor content. Bad content won’t win anybody over.

That’s how to take advantage of free targeted traffic from Facebook groups.  It’s simple free, effective. Start now while this is still free.

Thanks for listening,

Rob Walter

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